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iot application development services

With almost a decade in this unique Internet of Things industry, Suffescom’s IoT app development services in Dubai are outnumbering the project counts compared to its competitors. Being the first country to have a seperate ministry for the field of AI while unleashing the power of IoT, UAE is set to become the ultimate powerhouse of cutting-edge technological solutions.

Our Top-notch IoT developers in UAE will start your project after thoroughly researching your business goals and ideas. Contact us and start your journey to flood your revenue charts.

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Revolutionizing Businesses With IoT Development Services Provided By Suffescom

As the best IoT development company in UAE, we have worked with this tremendous technology for over a decade and delivered several market-leading products.

IoT App Development

Leverage our brilliant IoT development services in Dubai to create your IoT app for a worthy user experience.

  • Build hybrid, web, on the OS of your choice.
  • Make IoT apps integrated with AI-ML to provide valuable project insights.
  • Personalize user experience with customizable features.

IoT Testing and Maintenance

Our team ensures optimal performance with IoT testing and maintenance services. Build a faultless product that will lead the industry.

  • Test the complete IoT ecosystem and integrations.
  • Get round-the-clock services by experts via chat, email and phone.
  • Leverage our multiple product tests to get optimal performance.

IoT Wearables Connectivity

Suffescom focuses on creating apps that connect to different devices via wires or a wireless connection.

  • Assimilate automated devices and handle massive data influx.
  • Build scalable architecture where the communication stack is asynchronous.
  • Create softwares for updates and maintenance without hardware change.

Smart Home Solutions With IoT Apps

Our IoT app developers in UAE aid in regulating house appliances automatically by utilizing several system approach known as IoT automation.

  • Our team is proficient in building smart homes with IoT and multiple utility features.
  • Easily control heating and cooling systems with several IoT-enabled products and applications.
  • Connect electrical appliances and operate them with your smartphones.

IoT Apps In Connected Ecosystems

Being a leading IoT app development company in Dubai, we extend our services to cater to IoT applications in connected ecosystems.

  • Build your IoT app for connected ecosystems and pack them with advanced features.
  • Achieve your goal with a broad network of connected and interdependent technologies.
  • Get solutions that match your high end-business requirements and deliver results.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Our skilled IoT developers in IoT will help to visualize data in a way that will present raw data with rich insights derived from different data streams.

  • Analyze visual data from smart devices as well as store vast data on multiple devices.
  • Build a physical and virtual infrastructure for handling data from a multitude of devices.
  • Gain valuable business insights on data with intuitive and stunning dashboards.

IoT Gateway Development

IoT Gateway is a centralized hub that connects IoT devices to cloud-based computing. Minimize downtime and improve operational continuity of systems.

  • Utilize IoT gateway Development for tamper detection.
  • Leverage encryption hardware and user-friendly payment gateways .
  • Utilize the power of crypto engines for a decentralized experience.

IoT App Solutions

Leverage the impeccable services of Dubai's best IoT app development company to connect devices, manage tasks and securely transfer information.

  • Get the best IoT apps that help solve real-world problems.
  • Receive expertise in SDKs, popular IoT frameworks, and languages.
  • Ingest, transform, and analyze data in the IoT ecosystem.

Voice Communications

Use our unmatchable IoT app developers in Dubai to applicate voice control in your product for home security, family health monitoring, and much more.

  • Remove multiple barriers to your business's success.
  • Improve the personal quality of life of your clients.
  • Communicate to establish a relationship with a technological device.

Internet of Things Application Development For Various Industries

Different business sectors can utilize IoT with an exceptional IoT app development company like Suffescom to double their ROIs and provide a user-friendly interface to their clients. Here are the different industrial sectors where IoT can do wonders.

iot app development company

Industrial IoT Solution

Our valuable IoT developers in Dubai realize that IoT is still under an R&D phase and can bring accuracy to businesses at a considerable rate.

iot app development company

Digital Asset Tracking

Redesign IoT strategies with the best IoT app development services in Dubai to reconfigure a workforce and support with quality services.

iot app development company

Building Automation

Unlock the potential of the Internet of Things and track digital assets with ethical principles of human and machine collaboration.

iot app development company

Healthcare IoT Solutions

Utilize the brilliance of the internet of things to create intelligent machines for glucose monitoring, heart rate, and much more.

iot app development company

FoodTech IoT Solutions

Leverage IoT to maintain the highest safety standards in your food business and track, and monitor the quality of foodstuffs.

iot app development company

Fitness IoT Solutions

Utilize the power of IoT from our IoT app developers in UAE for leveraging activity trackers for cancer treatments and specialized heart monitors.

Leverage IoT Technology To Drive Your Business To The Next Level Through Our Streamlined Services

Allow us to help you in taking your revenues to skyscraping heights with our cutting-edge technological solutions. We already have more than 1500 globally satisfied clients.

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iot application development company iot application development company

Impeccable IoT Consulting Assuring Quality Over Quantity

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has been the leader of IoT services in Dubai for years and has a team of 250+ developers that provide secure coding and implement agile methodologies for your IoT app.

  • Leverage consulting services beyond a wide array of technical capabilities
  • Solve all business problems with the potential of IoT
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Build IoT Embedded Apps For Connected Devices

Our IoT app development services in Dubai will navigate across cross-platform apps, which will give you access to the data of smart devices to act as a remote control for multiple IoT solutions.

  • Leverage indoor navigation.
  • Utilize geofencing apps for mobiles.
  • Add contactless payment solutions.
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iot application development company iot application development company
iot application development company iot application development company

Leverage Embedded Software Development Services

Suffescom develops firmware as well as several embedded systems for integrating smart devices into IoT infrastructure.

  • AOSP development and support
  • DSP and microcontroller programming
  • Utilize CloudBridge development
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IoT Dashboards

With the help of Suffescom, configure IoT devices, and manage cyber-physical systems both remotely as well as with BI tools via several dashboards.

  • Web-based HMIs
  • Predictive Maintenance systems
  • Real-time sensor data visualizations
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iot application development company iot application development company

Our Main Approaches To IoT App Development

To create innumerable possibilities in the field of IoT, we carve the best possibilities for various enterprises with our approaches.

  • 01

    IoT Privacy

    Suffescom’s IoT development services ensure that all privacy programs are in place. We apply appropriate logical, technical, and administrative measures to allow only authorized data access.

  • 02

    Scalable App Architecture

    Suffescom utilizes a microservice architecture for developing maintainable and independently scalable applications. We offer smooth performance and a fast data retrieval process with our services.

  • 03


    Being a leading IoT app development company in UAE, Suffescom follows a strict process in app development with continuous integration and monitoring procedures through the latest tech stack and tools.

  • 04

    Automation Testing

    Suffescom has seasoned testing experts who provide quality and scale businesses at high rates. We provide security testing, API testing, Integration testing, and much more.

Our Top-Level Value Propositions In IoT App Development

Suffescom has always focused its eyes on user interactions and user retention. The decisions our skilled IoT developers in Dubai make are all inclined toward leading a culture of user empathy.

  • Personalized Services For Clients

  • Solve Real World Problems

  • Leverage Advanced Data Analytics

  • Automate Recurring Processes

iot application development services

We Put Businesses On The Bleeding Edge Of Technology With Our IoT App Development Services

Suffescom has been working with IoT for the last ten years and knows exactly what businesses can achieve with this impeccable technology.

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Projects Brought To Success By Our IoT Developers In Dubai

Suffescom's wide range of business solutions are tailored to your business needs. Let us have a look at some of our projects.

  • iot application development services

    IoT-based Food Management System

    A lot of data is updated from user orders, and our project has completely encompassed all production areas.

  • iot application development services

    IoT Parts Management Solution

    This project is based on different sections, the first being installing a remote access software system for data drawings.

  • iot application development services

    IoT-based MRI Analysis Software

    The pressure on the healthcare industry has increased. IoT & AI technology can help enhance the treatment process.

  • iot application development services

    IoT Fraud Detection Software

    To reduce the risk of transaction fraud, the finance sector is integrating AI and IoT solutions to access large volumes of financial data.

Unique Features Provided By Our High-End IoT Developers In UAE

Suffescom strives to be better than the rest. And we achieve this by building solutions that feature functionalities for every requirement.

internet of things app development


Sensor installation can detect changes in the environment as well as report the status; without sensors, there will be no effective IoT environment.

internet of things app development

Device Virtualization

Being the best IoT App development company in Dubai, we standardize the integration of devices in the network by using device virtualization.

internet of things app development

High-speed Messaging

This feature by our efficient IoT developers in UAE will help in enabling reliable, bi-directional communication between the cloud and devices.

internet of things app development

Stream Processing

This unique feature provided by Suffescom will help in the real-time analysis of incoming data streams with filtering, event aggregation, and correlation.

internet of things app development

Task Automation

Our esteemed IoT developers in Dubai will develop your IoT platform, which will automate most of your manual tasks while being time and cost-efficient.

internet of things app development

Data Encryption

Data is encrypted and then protected while in transit by TLS. Additionally, the passwords are hashed using several encryption algorithms for max security.

internet of things app development

Notifications And Alarms

Use our top-notch IoT development services in Dubai for automatizing alerts and sending notifications through multiple services available on Cloud Code.

internet of things app development

IoT Integrations

As the most trusted IoT development company in Dubai, we design simple APIs to create powerful integrations that promise excellent results.

internet of things app development

Voice And Speech Recognizations

Leverage the power of AI to unleash voice and speech recognition with our high-end IoT developers in UAE.

The Tech Stack Used By Our IoT Developers In Dubai

Suffescom makes Technology work for your business needs by leveraging the tech stack and tools for an unmatchable IoT app development. Here is a look at some of the tech stacks used by our expert IoT developers.

  • iot app development services
    Cloud Computing

    This tech stack is basically the delivery of numerous computing services like analytics, softwares, intelligence, and databases.

  • iot app development services

    This tool serves as a library for Vue.js applications and a centralized store for all components in an application.

  • iot app development services

    We have a team of top IoT developers in Dubai that utilize a JavaScript library to build spectacular user interfaces for every project.

  • iot app development services

    This tool helps in app state monitoring outside any UI Framework and is highly scalable and simple to use.

  • iot app development services

    It will work as a world of output when an IoT device needs to fetch some data online; HTML is used as a front-end tech stack.

  • iot app development services

    This is a bidirectional protocol for communication that operates on TCP as an upgrade to the standard HTTP connection.

  • iot app development services

    This toolchain is used for transforming syntax and poly-filling filters that are missing in the target environment.

  • iot app development services

    It is a static code analysis tool used for the identification of problematic patterns usually found in the JavaDcript Code.

  • iot app development services

    This tool allows developers to build intelligent assistants in the AI software application.

  • iot app development services
    Google AI

    Google AI will assist data scientists in finding datasets that are stored in repositories.

  • iot app development services

    This tech stack serves as a popular javascript library for providing more than 200 functions to support a web application.

  • iot app development services

    This tool can add interactive charting capabilities to web applications and enhance the app altogether.

Utilize The Top-Tier Internet Of Things Application Development Solutions To Create Your Market Leading Product

Suffescom Solutions Inc. pioneers IoT development services in Dubai and can help you take a futuristic approach to business growth. Our cutting-edge technological solutions can give you the necessary boost and embrace the emerging technology of IoT.

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Global Clients of Suffescom

Suffescom is privileged to have worked with some of the renowned names in the business; let us have a look at some of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which language is the best for IoT?

    Python is the best language for IoT programming, as many already know how to use it.

    Is IoT in high demand in the Middle East?

    The Dubai-IoT strategy has already been in the news, unifying data sources and opening up new pathways for digital growth in Dubai.

  • Which famous companies in UAE mostly use IoT technology?

    ZTE Corporation, IBM Corporation, and Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company mostly use IoT technology in UAE.

    Name some smart city projects in UAE powered by IoT technology

    The city of Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, as well as Dubai are some of the renowned Smart City projects in the GCC.