Initiatives Around Blockchain Technology In Dubai

By Suffescom Solutions Inc

May 05, 2023

Initiatives Around Blockchain Technology In Dubai

Dubai has been at the forefront of innovation and technology, and it's no surprise that the city is now venturing into the metaverse and blockchain space. In recent years, Dubai has been making strides toward becoming a hub for emerging technologies, with a particular focus on blockchain and the metaverse.

Dubai's vision for the metaverse is to create a virtual world that is as real as the physical world. This new world will be built using blockchain technology, enabling users to create, own, and monetize their digital assets. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for users, where they can interact with the virtual world like they would with the physical world.

The Dubai government and private sectors have also launched several initiatives to promote blockchain adoption in the city. The initiative seeks to leverage blockchain technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and promote transparency.

Let’s have a look at such initiatives in detail and what it holds for citizens and businesses in the city of gold:

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Dubai Metaverse Strategy: Supporting Blockchain Technology Initiatives In Dubai

With the government's aim to position Dubai as a leading hub for blockchain startups in the Middle East and beyond, it launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy. It was brainstormed by the Chairman and Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. The strategy focuses on exploring and exploiting the benefits the Metaverse will provide in the future.

This strategy will accelerate the position of Dubai as the global destination of emerging technologies such as metaverse, blockchain Web3, and AI. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy to the Kingdom.

  • Consolidation of current Dubai's success in luring more than a thousand businesses in the blockchain and Metaverse industries
  • Contribute to achieving Dubai's goal of creating over 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.
  • Support and promote Web3 programs and resources that contribute to the growth of cutting-edge public policies and important industries like healthcare, education, tourism, retail, and remote employment.
  • Enhance the Metaverse's economic impact through coordinated research and development partnerships, and promote improved ecosystems by aiding incubation hubs and accelerators that draw cutting-edge projects to Dubai.

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Key Initiatives Around Blockchain Technology In Dubai

Dubai's new metaverse and blockchain initiatives are exciting developments that highlight the city's commitment to innovation and technology. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Blockchain-Based Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

Dubai Customs developed an innovative cross-border eCommerce platform built on blockchain technology to overcome the challenge faced by the ecommerce industry, mainly in managing a growing number of eCommerce transactions and shipments. This platform is set to transform Dubai into a world-class blockchain-cased eCommerce hub. It has the potential to direct foreign investment into Dubai.

This platform is built on blockchain technology, allowing the IT systems of eCommerce companies, logistics providers, and express couriers to connect at one platform. Customs will have full visibility over the good's movements. It will help save time in reviewing and approving declarations, enhance enforcement capacities, and more.

To connect their IT systems to the platform and integrate their business processes with it, Dubai Customs is now collaborating with other couriers and e-commerce businesses. In the future, government stakeholders, free zone operators, and logistics firms will have access to the platform.

Dubai International Arbitration Centre In Metaverse

The Dubai International Arbitration Centre is using the metaverse as a place to resolve disputes. Those who have disputes can get on the metaverse platform and participate in finding a resolution from anywhere, anytime around the world. This platform creates immersive environments, allowing seamless document sharing, real-time collaboration, and document sharing among participants.

Smart City University

The Smart City University is a groundbreaking project developed by the Smart Dubai Office, a government entity dedicated to promoting innovation and technology in the city. This blockchain-powered decentralized learning platform is designed to offer a high-quality education experience that is accessible to students from all over the world.

The University allows users to choose a wide range of digital certificates. It allows students to combine technologies and sectors, such as AI in transportation or IoT in the field of energy. Moreover, it enables users to benefit from the expertise of distinguished elite experts and trainers in specific fields. The platform is being developed with the help of blockchain experts ConsenSys.

House of Hype In Metaverse

House of Hype is going to be launched in Dubai in one of the biggest malls in the world: Dubai mla. It will be a digital space comprising 29 rooms, and users will be taken to a virtual world where they can do all the activities they can do in the real world. This digital space is brought to you by the same team behind AYA (Wafi City Mall)- HyperSpace. Inside the House of Hype in Metaverse, users will be able to see NFTs, play games and even shop. Visitors can expect to become fully immersed in this virtual world.


MetaHealth, launched by Emirates Health Services, is the first-ever healthcare metaverse platform. This platform enables users to enter the virtual world using only smart devices. It offers a solution to those who can’t visit the health center physically. The patients will be able to teleport into the MetaHealth or virtual world and can speak with health professionals and doctors from three major hospitals in Dubai. This initiative resonated with Dubai and UAE’s ambitions to embrace merging technologies and be the key player in the blockchain world.

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Dubai's new metaverse and blockchain projects are an exciting development that highlights the city's commitment to innovation and technology. By embracing emerging technologies such as blockchain and the metaverse, Dubai is positioning itself as a leader in the tech industry and paving the way for a new era of innovation. You can be a part of this new era by hiring us for your next project.

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