From Runways To Virtual Realm: Airlines Embrace The Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions Inc

July 13, 2023

From Runways To Virtual Realm: Airlines Embrace The Metaverse

In recent years, metaverse technology has revolutionized many industries. And aviation is no exception. Many airlines are adopting this technology and continue to push boundaries in the digital realm. Qatar and Emirates- the most famous airlines in the world have recently launched virtual experiences for their users.

The first-ever virtual airport experience allows users to book tickets, have a personalized airport experience, and enjoy business and first-class lounges in the comfort of their homes. This technology redefines the aviation industry with its virtual, innovative, and immersive features.

This article will discuss how airlines adopt the metaverse and enhance user experience with this innovative, immersive technology.

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Redefining Air Travel: Metaverse Airlines

Metaverse has much to offer to the airline industry, and many airlines have started leveraging its benefits to enhance their passenger experience, workflows, and operations. Let’s look at some of such initiatives:

Qatar Airlines- QVerse Virtual Reality

Qatar Airlines has recently released QVerse, a virtual reality for users to experience the airport in the comfort of their homes. Users can roam around Hamad International Airport (HIA) and explore it immersively.

With personal electronic devices, users can virtually tour and navigate the check-in area, the cabin interior of the airline’s aircraft, the business class- Qsuite, and the economy class cabin of the HIA airport in a virtual world.

QVerse is the first ever virtual airport experience that hired a metaHuman cabin crew- Sama. Sama has a pleasant smile and a happy tone and will welcome you to the HIA airport in the metaverse. She enhances the customer experience more than ever by conversing with the users in the metaverse for their needs and requirements.

The QVerse was developed with the latest technologies and tools- Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and MetaHuman Creator- a cloud-based app for creating 3D avatars of humans.

Emirates Airline In Metaverse

Recognizing the growing potential of the metaverse, Emirates aims to redefine how people interact with the airline industry. Emirates has unveiled an ambitious plan to establish its signature brand experience in the metaverse.

By building its signature brand experience in the metaverse, Emirates aims to transcend the limitations of physical travel and provide customers with an unparalleled level of engagement. Users will have the chance to discover Emirates destinations, experience onboard luxury, and engage with the airline's renowned customer service, all from the comfort of their homes.

Along with signature brand experiences, Emirates Metaverse plans to integrate NFTs and other digital collectibles in the metaverse. Users can buy, trade, and sell airport digital assets and NFTs in the Emirates airport virtual world.

Emirates Airline in the metaverse is planning to hire 4,000 cabin crew to train for the metaverse - a significant step towards revolutionizing the Emirates Airline customer experience. Through virtual reality and immersive experiences, Emirates aims to create a virtual world where customers can explore, interact, and engage with the brand like never before.

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Features Offered By The Metaverse Airlines

Qatar and Emirates Airlines are offering real-life experiences to users with the following unique and immersive features:

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has launched a QVerse website to give users an immersive experience. Let’s look at what are its out-of-the-box features:

MetaHuman Cabin Crew

In QVerse, a metaHuman cabin crew named Sama will guide the user throughout the virtual airport experience. She will converse with users in the metaverse and give users an immersive walk-through of the first or business-class check-in, help you collect your boarding pass, and even explore the Qsuite, the World’s Best Business Class.

3D Avatars

Passengers can create their own 3D avatars as per their personalities and preferences. With these avatars, users can explore the HIA airport and book tickets, collect boarding passes, explore first, business class, airline aircraft, and more.

Avail Discounts

Users can avail of discounts while exploring QVerse and use those discounts while booking premium or economy class tickets with Qatar Airways.

Emirates Airlines

Emirates has always embraced new technologies to enhance customer experience. Let’s look at how Emirates is planning to improve customer experience with the metaverse technology:

NFT Integration

Emirates will offer users to buy, sell and trade NFTs in the virtual world. Users can purchase, trade, or sell avatar costumes, aircraft cockpits, and other digital assets to enhance their airline experience.

3D Models

Like Qatar Airways, users can create digital avatars to book tickets and explore the airport and destinations in the virtual world.

Many other airlines have started adopting Metaverse to make themselves stand out from the crowd. You can leverage its benefits by contacting our metaverse developers today.

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