Top 10 Ecommerce Business Moving in Metaverse, Dubai

By Suffescom Solutions Inc

July 18, 2023

Top 10 Ecommerce Business Moving in Metaverse, Dubai

Metaverse is no longer a fantasy world; it has very much become an integral part of our lives. So many renowned ecommerce businesses have stepped up and launched their brand in the metaverse; with immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, it has become a breathtaking place to visit while sitting in your comfortable place.

Dubai is the hub of technology, and with unwavering support, it strives to be the best in adopting cutting-edge technologies. Offer a personalized experience to potential customers, improve brand awareness, boost sales, and generate high ROI; certain brands are set to move their ecommerce stores in metaverse in Dubai.

Launching a business in the virtual space takes time; only a reputable metaverse development company in Dubai can help you with that.

Key Takeaways Of Ecommerce Stores In Metaverse In Dubai:

  • Amazing brand collaborations
  • Stronger customer-brand relationships
  • Global reach
  • Terrific brand recognition
  • Sky-high profitability
  • Enhanced customer engagement

Below is the list of top Dubai-based eCommerce businesses under different industries that have introduced their brands in the metaverse.

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Beauty And Wellness:-

Top beauty brands known for offering matchless beauty and wellness products to consumers have created much hype in the metaverse. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Charlotte Tilbury

The biggest cosmetic brand available has launched its ecommerce stores in Metaverse in Dubai. This AR-powered platform provides users with real-time viewing and interaction with the products. They have come up with an incredibly awesome attribute called “Shop With Friends,” where users can enter the space with their friends and perform shopping.

  • Johnson & Johnson

One of the prominent pharmaceutical companies is set to explore the metaverse space by providing skincare, cosmetics, and baby/women's care products. Virtual reality and 3D modeling techniques help customers see how the product will look on their skin before purchasing it.

  • L’Oréal Paris

The popular hair and makeup brand “L'oreal” has also launched its business in the virtual realm. They want to provide their customers with a “try-on” feature where they can literally feel the application of the products. Moreover, the users are offered an elevated experience that aids in uniquely establishing engagement with the products.

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Fashion is the trendiest industry that tends to change with time. Several apparel and shoe brands are finding new ways to attract their customers. A few popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Levi’s

This clothing company is famous for manufacturing superior-quality denim. Their other popular items are shirts, jackets, belts, etc. They have already applied for the trademark and will provide customers with exclusive features where they can try out different apparel with the help of AR technology.

  • Forever 21

It has been a fast fashion brand in the metaverse for some time. Their motto was to enhance the user’s shopping experience with digital avatars. They can shop and socialize in virtual shops. The introduction of gamification by this brand increases the customer's attention and strengthens their relationship.

  • Balenciaga

Balenciaga - the luxury fashion brand- appeared in the virtual realm associated with Epic Games. The brand influenced the gaming characters' clothes. Their metaverse launch grabbed eyeballs as they featured on South Korea, Japan, and Times Square, USA billboards.

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Food has received a lot of appreciation in the ecommerce business. Taking the lead forward, several food companies have decided to launch their business in the metaverse to gain more traction. Here we are mentioning some of them below;

  • KFC

The renowned fast-food chain “KFC” has filed for the logo and trademark to enter the virtual world. The concept behind this is to offer virtual items, for instance, eatables and beverages.

  • Coca-cola

The biggest beverage company had already been a part of the metaverse for quite some time now. And exploring the things in the metaverse, they had unveiled a metaverse-influenced beverage called “Sugar Byte,” and on top of it, there was a proper marketing campaign curated for its promotion.

  • Burger King

Another big name in the food business is “Burger King” which has also filed for its trademark and is soon planning to enter this metaverse world. The brand has planned to feature store services, NFTs, and virtual restaurants, including cafes and food courts in the virtual space.


Another notable industry that has become a pivotal part of the metaverse is “entertainment.” It includes movies, TV, games, music, etc. Below we have mentioned the famous gaming ecommerce stores in Metaverse in Dubai, i.e., working well in the virtual realm.

  • Tetris

The most popular puzzle game, “Tetris,” has entered the metaverse world with its trademark application. The company is all set to provide NFTs that will be instrumental while engaging with the virtual environment. It also comes with reward points that entice the players and via which they can buy several digital goods and services.

Impact Ecommerce Business Moving in Metaverse

The movement of ecommerce businesses into the metaverse has a profound impact on the digital landscape, reshaping how companies interact with customers and conduct transactions. With the metaverse being a virtual shared space that offers immersive experiences, ecommerce ventures can revolutionize consumers' shopping journey.

One of the most significant impacts is the enhanced customer experience. The metaverse allows businesses to create interactive and visually captivating virtual showrooms where customers can explore products as if they were physically present. Augmented reality try-ons enable shoppers to try on clothing and accessories virtually, providing a personalized and convenient way to make purchasing decisions.

Moreover, ecommerce businesses venturing into the metaverse enjoy increased global reach. Geographical boundaries become inconsequential as companies can now connect with customers worldwide, expanding their market presence and potential customer base. The metaverse also offers innovative marketing opportunities, with brands hosting virtual events, fashion shows, and exhibitions.

These immersive experiences engage customers in novel ways, fostering brand loyalty and enhancing overall marketing strategies. Furthermore, transactions within the metaverse become seamless as virtual payment solutions are integrated, providing secure and efficient payment gateways for customers.


Looking at the above list, it is clear that various reputed brands have become integral to the metaverse or are all set to launch their business in the virtual realm. Moreover, to become the focal point of technology, Dubai has taken vital steps towards adopting several futuristic technologies. The metaverse has huge potential; though it is budding, much scope surrounds it.

As the companies mentioned earlier have gained exclusive brand authority and engagement in successfully adopting modernized technologies, it's time to move your business into this virtual space and enjoy the same benefits as the above companies.