UAE Launches Metaverse Program For Remote Interviews and Exams

By Suffescom Solutions Inc

May 30, 2023

UAE Launches Metaverse Program For Remote Interviews and Exams

Metaverse is popular for all the right reasons. With the constant evolution of technologies, Metaverse has created a virtual simulation of the real world.

Metaverse is enticing and beneficial for businesses in many ways. It is a virtual world accessible through advanced AR/VR headsets. Several industries are now recognizing the practicality of the virtual realm, as its applications are widely in demand across all industries.

Acknowledging the same, UAE has developed this new program where medical health professionals can give exams and participate in interviews virtually. The UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced the announcement.

The assistant undersecretary for the Health Regulation Sector, Dr. Amin Hussein Al Amiri, stated, "Metaverse will aid in medical exams of healthcare professionals while being present in their own country”. A metaverse program for remote interviews is a remarkable step taken in favor of medical professionals who cannot travel to different countries by any means.

What Actually Led To Conducting Interviews In Metaverse?

Dubai has created a strategy to boost innovation and, by the end of 2030, aims to provide 40,000 virtual jobs. So, creating space for virtual jobs and exams is a positive step in this direction.

Earlier, UAE conducted several exams for healthcare professionals for almost 8 years, but that was for the posts below the specialists and consultants. Therefore, the consultants and specialists had to pay a visit to participate in the interviews. It resulted in inconvenience that the candidates had to face just to take an exam or inteview.

With conducting virtual interviews in metaverse, applicants don’t need to think twice before applying for the job. Everything can be done through the immersive space of the metaverse which not only efficiently allows to complete interviews or exams but also makes it life-like.

The decision to conduct metaverse interviews and exams taken by the UAE Govt. is meant to break records and will amplify the nation’s position in hiring top talent across the healthcare sector.

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Embracing the Metaverse: A Paradigm Shift in Interviews and Exams

The Metaverse, often referred to as the successor of the internet, is a virtual shared space where users can interact with digital objects and each other in real time. It's a fusion of physical and virtual reality, offering limitless possibilities. With the launch of the "UAE Metaverse Program For Remote Interviews and Exams," the nation is embracing this transformative technology to revolutionize the assessment and evaluation processes.

Advantages of the UAE Metaverse Program

The UAE's Metaverse Program is set to bring many advantages for candidates and organizations involved in the interview and exam processes. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Enhanced Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • Realistic Simulations for Assessments
  • Efficient Evaluation Processes
  • Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits
  • Increased Security and Integrity

Exams and Interviews In Metaverse: What Does It Mean?

The process of conducting exams in the metaverse will be highly appreciated. Suppose there are examiners present in the UAE but at different locations. If the professional is present in a country different from UAE, he/she can participate in the exams/interviews. They just need to log into the platform. After that, the panel will open, and the candidate will continue the exams.

The examiners will be sitting in their respective healthcare centers but jointly act as the examiners present in the metaverse. The same goes for the interviews, where the candidate will present himself in the metaverse, and the panellists will ask him questions.

Unlike traditional exams, students must pick a venue and waste time finding the seating arrangement. Metaverse is an innovative place where you have to sit at your respective places and participate in exams or interviews. Everything takes place smoothly without any inconvenience.

How Does the UAE Metaverse Program Work?

The UAE Metaverse Program functions on the principles of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Candidates must have the necessary hardware to access the virtual space, such as VR headsets and compatible devices. Once logged in, they can navigate through the digital environment, complete tasks, and interact with examiners or interviewers represented by avatars. The program utilizes advanced algorithms and AI-driven systems to monitor and assess candidates' real-time performance. This sophisticated technology ensures accurate evaluation and provides immediate feedback to the participants.

How Will It Prevent Unfair Practice In Exams?

Unfair practices often accompany online exams. But a metaverse platform has an inbuilt AI technology that helps monitor unnecessary eye and face movement. It will clearly indicate that the candidate is deliberately looking in distinct directions. It's a great move taken towards eliminating any chances of cheating.

Examiners would monitor the movement of the face and eyes using artificial intelligence to figure out if he is trying to get support from someone and looking at papers in any direction. This will help avoid any sort of external support and cheating. The interview and exam details will be sent electronically. Hence, they don't need to come to the UAE and can do it from their home country.

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Scope Of UAEs Metaverse Project for Virtual Interviews and Exams

Metaverse is surely going to startle people across the globe. It's all about creating immersive experiences that give the feeling of a real-world scenario. The horizon is wide open, and it is illustrated under;

  • Remote invigilation and giving interviews/exams provide a sense of comfort.
  • Time and travel savings.
  • No opportunity for cheating.
  • Making tests extremely dynamic.
  • Immediate scores.
  • Increased security to conceal the confidential details
  • Simultaneous evaluation of virtual tests

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