House of Hype in Metaverse - Rising Trend of Shopping Malls in Metaverse

By Suffescom Solutions Inc

May 03, 2023

House of Hype in Metaverse - Rising Trend of Shopping Malls in Metaverse

    Do you wanna feel the fascination surrounding an immersive entertainment park? No, we are not talking about any Sci-Fi film. It’s happening in reality, and House Of Hype Dubai is the testimony of that. How is it going to happen? All of the details will be covered in this article. Stay tuned with us!

Metaverse is driving all the hype around itself. People have become obsessed with the immersive experience of 3D digital space. Metverese in real life is another buzzword that makes the experience more engaging. It is actually more popular among Gen Z, and people tend to like exaggeration in everything. Taking this real thing forward, the house of hype in metaverse is set to open in the city of innovation- Dubai.

What Is House of Hype Dubai?

House of Hype is a space that will be opened in Dubai, encompassing all the vogue elements like NFTs, games, fashion, music, etc. So, people don’t have to visit a specific place for metaverse experience.

Now, the bigger question is where this house of hype will be built. The answer is - the Dubai Mall.

Malls are the best place to entice people’s attention which will ultimately lead to massive revenue generation. Industry pundits felt the unavailability of digital entertainment spaces, and what better place than a mall to amplify various entertainment attractions industry?

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House of Hype Dubai Mall- Credible Facts

House of Hype Dubai will be a digital space built in one of the largest malls in the world by total land area, the ‘Dubai Mall.’ This is going to be built at 100,000 sq. ft. by HyperSpace, famous for building physical parks in the digital world. The spectacular designs and attributes will make it amazing, attractive, and interesting, giving a true feeling of an alternate universe.

Hyperspace is the same brand that was behind creating AYA at the Wafi City Mall. It transports the individual to a place in a different universe that is instilled with top-quality sound, design, and lights. Looking at the popularity of “AYA,” “House Of Hype” will surely rock the virtual space.

It will comprise 29 rooms which are quite massive. A much larger landing place to enjoy the fun activities. These rooms will be jam-packed with ultra-sensational and marvelous moments which are beyond anyone’s imagination.

Seeing all these things, this is definitely going to be a fabulous opening this year. Most probably, it is expected to happen by the end of 2023.

House Of Hype Dubai- Metaverse Shopping Mall

House of Hype in Dubai is a creative place to fuse entertainment and technology. The visitors will be taken to another world where they can perform all the activities they could do in the real world. Integrating industry elements like fashion, shopping, and more will add glitter to your entertainment park.

Shopping will be all easy-breezy in the House of Hype in Metaverse. The outstanding features will elevate the shopping experience of the guests. Currently, things are in the pipeline, but there are certain speculations around its mind-blowing features.

Splendid Features of the Metaverse Shopping Mall

As of now, there are not many details corresponding to the features. But still, we have enlisted a few of them that could be a part of this incredible metaverse platform. Let’s take a look at them;

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Avatar Incorporation

The visitors will have their own digital avatars via which they will emote their true feelings. Every single person has their own digital identity. This is basically the physical representation in the virtual realm. Shopping for the products and traversing the entire mall is done via avatars.

3D Space

People will get a 360° view of the virtual shopping mall. The combination of cutting-edge technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality(VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Extended Reality (XR), and Mixed Reality (MR), produces mesmerizing visuals.

“Try On” Attribute

Customers can try on the items, whether shoes or clothes, in the virtual world. This is an ideal way of driving sales in the metaverse. It's an amazing feature for shopaholics and, more than that, quite beneficial for fashion companies to uplift their brand loyalty and build customer engagement.

Seamless Interaction

This feature enables the smooth interaction of the customers with the shop owners. The conversation will be superb. People will get to steer through each and every space of the virtual world. Moreover, there is no boundation in this endless world.

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